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Although the emphasis is on self-help to save you the cost of professional legal representation at the negotiation table with your mortgage servicer, experience shows that getting a realistic and affordable loan modification is significantly improved with the assistance and support of an experienced, professional California loan modification company to work directly with you and your servicer, guide and assist you in the preparation of your loan modification application, and provide ongoing follow-up with your servicer until your loan modification goal is reached. Best of all, there are no advance fees for this service — you pay only after your loan modification has been accomplished to your satisfaction!

This service is available to you at any time — before purchasing any of the available self-help products and services or after purchasing any any self-help product or service.

The cost of the self-help loan modification products depends on which reports you qualify for and which reports can help you. Brooks Law Group provides fixed fees for self-help loan modification products so that you will know up-front how much your costs will be.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your unique mortgage loan situation. This is a free consultation with a licensed California attorney, so contact us today. “The Truth About Loan Modifications”

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